Steps to Follow If You Want Your Facebook and Instagram Photos to Go Viral

Have you ever dreamed of making your photos go viral on Facebook or Instagram? When a photo goes viral, it is shared viewed by thousands - or millions - of users. In other words, if your photo creates a big splash online, it is considered viral.

Although practically anybody can go viral nowadays, it is not easy doing so. Sometimes, no matter how much you try, your photos just don't create the impression you desire, whether you post them on Facebook or Instagram.

To help you out, here are some tips for making viral photos.

On Instagram

1. Colors matter a lot on Instagram. So, when you post photos, choose those that can easily attract viewers. The most recommended color is red, although any bright color will do. Don't go too soft (blues and greens, or pink). Of course, don't force your photos to go red just because you need to post them that way. Remember, creativity is a big factor on Instagram!

2. Post photos of what you are drinking or eating. Your little teacups will attract a lot of user attention. Food, no matter what type it is, always works well. The more mouthwatering it is, the better. Close-up photos are the best, of course.

3. Always remember that photos with people or with action happening attract more attention than those with no activity at all.

4. Work on your photos' texture and composition. Instagram users love looking at photos with textured backgrounds. Also, make sure that your photos are dynamically composed. There should be action and energy on your every shot. Avoid posting photos that show inactive subjects.

5. Finally, time your posts perfectly. A lot of people post on Thursdays, but the best day is Sunday. Probably because people don't really have anything much to do on Sundays. The more unoccupied your Instagram friends are, the better for your photos. You can also learn more about viral photos by checking out the post at


1. If you want to post your own photos, go for the ones with some action happening. Don't post too many selfies. Your Facebook friends will like to look at photos that show what's happening to your life, or what's going on around you. This is why event photos gather a lot of likes.

2. If you love reposting or sharing online photos, choose a good viral photo finder. This will help you easily identify the most shared and liked photos online. Photos of quotes or motivational posters are some of the most popular on Facebook.

3. Don't hesitate to ask your Facebook friends to share your photos. If you do not want to do this openly, you can always send a private message to your friends. As long as your photos are liked and shared, they won't be buried underneath tons of Facebook posts.

4. Like your Instagram posts, your Facebook photos will generate more attention and feedback if they are posted on the right day and at the ideal time. One way of finding out the best time for posting is by checking your Facebook Insights. This will tell you when most of your friends are online.

If yours is not a business or fan page, determine the best time to post by observing when most of your friends are online.

Some of the most populated days on Facebook are Thursdays (Throwback Thursday), Fridays (Flashback Friday), and Sundays (when most people are at home and have nothing much to do). Know more about the hillary clinton lying viral photo.

Follow these tips and keep them in mind every time you post photos on Instagram and Facebook. Doing so will help make your photos go viral in no time.